Located in Jersey City just north of Journal Square and nestled between the Holland Tunnel and the Lincoln Tunnel, the neighborhood sits high on the Palisades, keeping watch over Hoboken below. Buses are the easiest way in and out of The Heights — NJ Transit runs a variety of routes along the main drags (Kennedy Boulevard, Summit Ave., Central Ave., and Palisade Ave.), but gypsy buses are the real ticket. Also called jitneys, Spanish buses, or guaguas, the white mini buses require a little trial and error but will get you around for just a few bucks. Journal Square is a straight shot and an easy walk from the southern section of the neighborhood. And there are two novel options for traipsing into Hoboken: ‘100 Steps’ down to 2nd Street and an elevator down to 9th Street, both ending at stops on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. The Heights is truly a self-contained and tight-knit community with welcoming lifelong residents but enough one-way streets to confound newcomers who aren’t committed. Victorian and Edwardian homes mingle with newer two- and three-family houses and a younger set have been steadily moving in. Neighborhood parks are immaculate with spectacular views of Manhattan and enliven the community year-round: Riverview Park hosts The Riverview Jazz Festival and the Live on the Palisades concert series, there’s ice skating at Pershing Field, farmers markets, and the Jersey City Reservoir is truly a tranquil escape. The neighborhood is the real art beat of Jersey City and has been a hub for artists since the 1980s. Just a few years ago, The Riverview Arts District was granted zoning rights allowing artists to have combined live/work space and the gallery scene is growing. Zoning was also updated along Palisade Avenue, new cafes and restaurants have poured in, and the Central Avenue business district is buzzing. The Heights is ripe for entrepreneurs and only getting more popular, but the neighborhood still has a kind of Do It Yourself soul. Like the old street sign at the edge of the neighborhood said: This Is Jersey City, This Is Everything.