Located in Jersey City along the PATH, the neighborhood is the third stop from Manhattan on either the 33rd Street-JSQ or WTC-Newark train, offering an extremely quick and easy commute. Plus the Journal Square Transportation Center is a hub for bus routes to just about anywhere. More than any other neighborhood in Jersey City right now, Journal Square is positioned in that sweet spot between up-and-coming and utterly booming — affordable, diverse, a little gritty, and still somewhat of a secret but with a steady influx of services and development. Just like Times Square in New York City, Journal Square was named for The Jersey Journal newspaper, headquartered in JSQ for 90 years, whose iconic orange signage still presides over the bustling intersection of Bergen Avenue, JFK Boulevard, and Sip Avenue. Some blocks are frontierland, waiting for soaring new buildings, other blocks are charmed with turn-of-the-last-century Colonials, Victorians, and brownstones. There are pre/post-war apartment buildings aplenty and some cool industrial conversions. The first towering development, Journal Squared, is the start of the land grab, but there’s still a chance to be a pioneer.