Maryann Zulueta


Maryann’s family moved to Jersey City from Manila, Philippines when she was 4 years old. At that time, the Beacon Apartments on Montgomery Street was the Jersey City Medical Center where her brother was born. She remembers watching movies as a kid at the Loews and the Stanley Theatre in Journal Square. Saint Peter’s was a small Jesuit college when she received her degree in art history and fine arts and now it’s grown up to be a university, reputed for its graduate education and business programs.

Times have changed but Jersey City is still home for her. She got into real estate in 2006 in Montreal, Quebec where she raised her two children but she knew in her heart that she would come back to Jersey City. Before that, she worked as a professional artist (she still paints whenever she has free time) and has exhibited her works in Ontario and Quebec. She recently moved back to Jersey City and continues to work in real estate. She needs to be focused and ready to deal with whatever comes her way so she starts each day with meditation, yoga and a brisk run at Liberty State Park or the waterfront in downtown JC.

“There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the spectacular Manhattan skyline at the break of dawn. When I look across the Hudson River and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, I am reminded of the hundreds of immigrants from all over the world who passed through here every day with nothing but their dreams and hopes of a better future. Today, Jersey City is a rich tapestry of human stories, cultures, traditions and historical milestones.”

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